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Mar 20, 2018

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Pinterest 3D:


Bjørn-Ole - Found a new, promising design application:


3D printer foldable with exchangeable heads, one for plastic filament, the other for pastes like clay, chocolate, etc. see :


PLA filament degrades with time, because the material is hydrophilic and UV sensitive. Once taken out of de original packaging, keep PLA stored in plastic bags. Some of us have noted that PLA reels from the same supplier yet may differ in qualitity. Hugh White once had a reel that was so brittle that he had it replaced by the supplier. Therefore don't be surprised if a certain reel is giving you a headache.


our Prusa i3 MK2 has arrived!

And it worked right out of the box. Yme is now changing the reels and all, to be able to print in four colours. This week is holiday in our region of the Netherlands, next week Yme will start testing.


Jonathan - WASP Printers & Build your own Ceramic 3D Printer links

WASP 3D printer shop.

Build your own Ceramic 3D printer with list of parts.

Google+ Community for ceramic 3D printing


Suggested projects from MakerBot


For inspiration: Making a 3D printed gingerbread house


Iris van Herpen 3d printing fashion

About 3D printed food. Podcast, website and Youtube channel:


Bjørn-Ole - Really good channel that explains a lot of technical stuff in a interesting way:

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