Overview partners:

De Jutter, Vlieland, The Netherlands (lead)

School for primary and secondary education De Jutter offers personalized intra- and extra-curricular education for pupils aged 4 to 18 years old. The curricula focus on cooperation and diversity and prepare pupils for higher education and functioning well in society.
By participating in the Erasmus Plus 3D-project the school gives pupils the opportunity to enhance their creativity, language and technical skills. Furthermore, the pupils’ views are widened on a European level. All this enhances the pupils’ future and opportunities.

Lutinelaan 3, 
8899 BD Vlieland
Thijs Speelman 

Vågen, Sandnes, Norway

Vågen Upper Secondary is located by the harbor of Sandnes, Norway. The school has programs for "Art, design and architecture", "Media and communication" and "Music, dance and drama". The pupils are between 16 to 19 years old. 


Here at Vågen Upper Secondary School, we want our pupils to acquire the "21st Century Skills". That is why we joined this project; to learn about 3D-technology and 3D-thinking.  And how to implement it in our subjects. When we started, we didn't know anything about how to design in 3D. Bit by bit, we have learned a lot, along with our pupils. Our pupils are now "experts" in using different software and hardware to express their ideas in 3D. They have used it both within architecture, product design and art projects. 


Contact details:

Vågen Upper Secondary School

Holbergs gate 23

4306 Sandnes

Phone: +47 51 92 15 00

Erikslundskolan, Borås, Sweden

More to come

Farlingaye High School, Woodbridge, UK

Farlingaye High School is a 11-18 year old mixed high school in rural Suffolk.
Mr. White joined this project as he was very interested in 3D printing and he wanted to integrate 3D printing into their curriculum. Also, he was very keen to learn from the experiences of colleagues in other countries.


Contact: Mr H White
Head of Technology

Farlingaye High School                                              

Ransom Road


IP12 4JX

United Kingdom

​I.E.S.​ ​L’Eliana​ ​School, L' 'Eliana, Spain

IES l'ELIANA is a Secondary School for students from 12 to 18 years old. One of the subjects they study is Technology where they mainly learn how to solve problems giving a technical solution.

We joined this project because we think that by teaching 3D printing, our students are able to look deeper into problems, to reach more creative solutions. They also improve their 3D thinking and digital skills.

Contact: Mrs. M. Lores 
Address: Avinguda Poliesportiu num. 14

46183 L'Eliana, Valencia, Spain

Telephone:  +34 96 271 83 65

Kummun Koulu, Outokumpu, Finland

More to come

RSG Sneek

Both in the science and in the conceptual arts department we were quite clear the advent of 3D printing will have a major impact on society. To stay abreast with this development, we bought an Ultimaker original. However buying a machine and getting it to work is not the same as making this new technology an integral part of our curriculum. We joined the project to gain teaching materials, lesson plans. In addition we were very curious to see how educational systems in other European countries absorbed this new technology. And thirdly, we hoped for a fruitful collaboration between science teachers and art teachers. 

RSG Magister Alvinus

Almastraat 5, 8601EW Sneek, the Netherlands


Navet is a science center located in Borås, Sweden. Our mission is to inspire students of all ages to enjoy learning about Science, Math, Sustainability and Technology thru hands-on activities and programs. It is important for us that our visitors can work with their own creativity when they take part in our programs and use our exhibition spaces. We work with the general public, school groups, in-service training for teachers and pre-service training for students at University level.  In all these teaching contexts we use a variety of tools within the design area, such as interior design that supports our different programs, 3D creativity using tools like 3D-printers, scanners and cutters and of course textile possibilities (as Borås is well established within textiles development areas). Navet is always working with different international projects that contributes to further exploration of the possibilities of learning.

Johnathan Keep

Johnathan Keep is an artist and potter, experienced in using 3D printing in clay.
"My ceramics are recognisable for a strong sculptural quality with an emphasis on form. An opportunity ten years ago to investigate digital media highlighted for me the possibilities of using computers to extend and explore our understanding of natural systems, patterns and codes. I have developed a working process whereby the shapes of my forms are written in computer code. This digital information is passed to a studio based self built 3D printer that I have adapted to print in clay. The appreciation of these works I hope illustrates just how much we are connected at a very deep level to the natural world."

Jonathan Keep

31 Leiston Road
Suffolk IP17 1UQ

United Kingdom

House of Design

House of Design is a platform for professional design. HoD stimulates the innovative strength of designers and presents this to SMEs, gouvernment and public. Therefor we initiate and organise projects, national and international. We aim for sustainable and innovative solutions.

Contact details:
Eileen Blackmore


House of Design
Noorderbinnensingel 14
9712 XB Groningen
The Netherlands

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