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Cube fun!

Title – Cube Fun

Subject – Design & Technology

Aim – Students to understand the importance of 3D modeling and making. Selecting the most appropriate software to produce a CAD model. Work together in small groups to solve a real problem.

Outcome – Students to produce ideas for pieces which can be used to assemble a cube. Also, devise a game which can be played with rules. A package and an advertising campaign is to be produced.

Age group – 14-18

Group size – Student groups of 3

Estimated time - 3 - 60 minute lessons

Resources/equipment/materials –Paper, plastic modeling cubes, computers, 3D printer.

Key Words#Cube Fun, #3D-Printing, #CAD, #Computer, #Design, #Inspiration, #Teamwork, #Modelling, #CAM


A local company would like to produce a cube puzzle which incorporates a challenging game.

Your Challenge:

- Using the building blocks, create a 3x3x3 3D Cube puzzle. Each individual piece has to have at least 3 pieces (small cubes).

- Between you come up with a range of pieces.

- In your team, you will need to produce a combination of hand drawn designs and 3D models of your idea. Then transfer your design onto the computer using either SketchUp, Tinkercad or ProDeskTop.

- Each individual part must be no larger than 10mm x 10mm x 10mm.

- Each member must draw on CAD a number of pieces.

- When the pieces are drawn save them as an STL file. Take to your teacher who will set up for the 3D Printer for you.

- Your team will also need to devise a game which can be played with rules and also produce a range of ideas for a package (could be box or vacuum formed package).

This will need to be made. Plus, you will need to produce a marketing strategy to sell your product (any format you wish – PowerPoint Presentation, Poster etc).

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