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Design era products

Title – Prototyping design era products (Storage unit)

Subject – Design & Technology - GCSE

Aim – Students to understand the importance of rapid 3D modelling and making. Students to deepen knowledge of design eras/styles by developing a product in that aesthetic. E.g. Bauhaus, Art deco, modern.

Outcome – Students to produce a CAD model with 3D printed scale prototype of a stylized storage unit to aid final development of product.

Age group – Yr 10 (14/15)

Group size – Individual work

Estimated time - 3 - 100 minute lessons

Resources/equipment/materials – Paper, card plus other modelling materials, computers, 3D printer.

Key Words – Design era’s/styles, 3D Printing, CAD, Inspiration, Rapid modelling, CAM, Storage, Aesthetics, Form, Function


Students have begun controlled assessment (coursework) with the brief of producing an item of furniture which reflects a significant design style/era from the last 100yrs. Students need to produce a range of creative ideas in which to develop one rapid prototype on the 3D printer.

Lesson 1:

Hand out plan A3 paper to each student. Ask them to design 5 ideas without any aids. After a couple of minutes stop students and ask them how difficult this task is? 

Using design style powerpoint inform students they now have 3mins to design a single idea based on the shapes, forms and materials seen in each slide. This will repeat for 5 slides.

Lesson 2:

Peer feedback on idea generation. Select one idea for further development on CAD programme (Sketch-up). Once idea complete download to shared folder. Teacher to aid students manipulate design on Flashprint. Begin 3D printing (approx. 40mins per group of 4 prints).

Lesson 3:

Completed 3D products evaluated for form, aesthetics and structural suitability. Further development from this point will lead to a formal final design with manufacture specification and material list ready for manufacture.

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