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Flower Field

Updated: May 8, 2018

Title – Flower field

Subjects – Biology, Art, Math

Aim/goal/question – First task with Tinkercad, Intro to 3D-modelling software, to learn about plants of meadow, shapes and symmetry

End product/outcome – 3D- model of a plant or flower

Age group – 10 - 13

Group size – max 25, working in pairs

Estimated time -  2h - 3h

Resources/equipment/materials/preparations – Near by meadow, books with pictures or internet. iPads or cameras to take pictures from meadow. Computers with internet connection (Tinkercad).

Content/instructions (how to do it) –

  1. Take a trip to a meadow with cameras. Students choose a plant or a flower and take pictures of it from many angles. If it's not possible to go to a meadow, students can use a book or internet to find a plant.

If the kids are younger, they can go to meadow and draw the flower they want to design. With Doodle3D kids make their drawing to 3D-design and print it.

  1. Students use their pictures and knowledge from meadow to make a 3D-desing with Tinkercad. 

  2. Optional  things to do: Start modelling by sketching, turn all models made by tinkercad to minecraft format and add them to minecraft world to create your class’s minecraft meadow. 

Keywords/tags#3D, #tinkercad, #plants, #designing in 3D, #symmetry

Sources for inspiration – Nature, books, internet

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