Lesson plans

Furniture as an art object


As a tribute to an artist or art period of your choice, design a piece of furniture that contains at least one element that was printed with a 3D printer.

You work in pairs.

Learning objectives:

  • Create a three dimensional piece of work

  • Recognise properties of form in art objects, and apply to your project

  • Apply woodworking joints

  • Use 3D design software

  • Understand form, construction and working to scale


  • At least 200mm, at most 300mm

Materials and techniques: 

  • various, free to choose depending on availability

Work process:

  • Orientation

  • Study art styles, styles in furniture making and artists. Collect images

  • Preparation

  • Make at least three designs

  • Make sketches of each, using different points of view

  • Create an account on TinkerCAD and study its possibilities and limitations

  • Construction

  • Choose the best design, and create the chair using appropriate material

  • Presentation 

  • Present your chair to the class

  • Use a Powerpoint to show the chosen art or artist 

  • Explain how you arrived at your design

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