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House on the Moon

Updated: May 8, 2018

Title – House on the moon

Subject – Design & Technology

Aim  – Students to understand what processes are involved before you can go to the moon and the importance of 3D modeling and making. 

Outcome – Students to design a house which they think they would build on the moon. find in a treasure box.

Age group – 10-14

Group size – Individual or Student groups of 2

Estimated time  - 240 minutes

Resources/equipment/materials  – Paper, card, computers, 3D printer


Key Words#NASA, #ESCA, #3D Printing, #CAD, #Computer, #Design, #Inspiration, #Team Work, #Modelling, #CAM

Your Challenge - It’s 2030 the world is changing in to a very strange place. The normal human beings are almost gone. You and a few other human beings cold, Vliemens, trying to travel to the moon. 

What do you need on the moon, how do you survive and what do you need to get there?

Find out some expertise on how to live on the moon, how do you build your house.

You or your team will need to produce a combination of hand drawn designs and 3D models. Then transfer your design onto the computer using either SketchUp, Tinkercad or fusion 360.

Your house must be no larger than 70mm x 70mm x 70mm.

Also, produce a presentation. 

Wich problems are you getting when you want to go to the moon and build a house?.

Research on the internet or other information sources.

  • Get 5 problems for research on the internet. 

Sketch your house after research.

  • Sketch a 2D  print of your house

  •  A plan, top view of the house

  • A front view

3D designing

  • Find a open source 3D software

  • Create your 3D model


  • Print your design

  • Use print software (Cura)


  • Make a presentation

  • Pp or prezi

  • Animation

Download your design in a platform

  • Trello

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