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The Renaissance

Updated: May 8, 2018


Inspired by architecture, art, objects or ideas from the renaissance

you get an assignment to design and make a physical object in your

chosen technique and all available materials. You may combine

traditional materials and methods with the most modern way of

producing objects in 3D. After the object is finished you must

photograph it, design a poster with the object displayed and a text

that explains the ideas and philosophy behind it. The text must

answer the question;

“How is this object relevant to the renaissance?”


You can work alone or in groups of up to three people.

Research the period of the renaissance for possible concepts you can

have as a starting point. Brainstorm ideas for what you can make.

Sketch with pencil/paper, clay, paper cuttings, textiles, software…

Find out what software, materials and other resource you will need to

finish the project. Make a plan for your work! Document your process!

Aim: To explore art, architecture, ideas and philosophy from the

renaissance. Develop creative thinking and problem solving. Present

and explain the process and the ideas behind the finished produced


Outcome: To enable students design using their imagination, problem

solving, relevant software and optionally 3D printing. Presenting the

finished object in a professional way.

Age group: 16+

Estimated time: 35 hours

Resources: Software like Tinkercad/Sketchup, Adobe, Blender, Sculptris

etc., 3D-printer, laser cutter. All relevant materials. Camera. Large

format printer.

Level in 3D: Beginner+.

Keywords: #Renaissance, #art #history, #model-making, #3D-printing, #laser

#cutting, #creativity, #design, #planning, #writing prose, #colaborative work.

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