Lesson plans

Seen in the Forest

Design: Ceramics and 3D modelling & printing

Theory of ceramics (history, clays, clay colour, glaze, glazing temperatures)

Ceramic Artists: In Finland; Kim Simonsson, Kerttu Horila, Tommi Toija & Jonathan Keep

Pinterest: Different shapes of dishes, simplify shape, empty space in a dish making another shape inside of it.

Finnish rock paintings: limestone cover as glaze on ceramics.

Task: ”Seen in the Forest”

Part1 / Ceramics

Topic is nature, an animal or human (spirit). Make an idea, sketch and do your own ceramic dish. Dish should be bowl, pot, jar, box or small bottle. Use coil building technic.

Part2 / 3D modelling & printing

Make pairs or groups of three. Plan a cap or cover for your dish. 3D model & print should fit to all dishes of your group. You have different kind of dishes but you have to solve the problem how 3D model fits to everyone. Draw scale drawings.

Goals and evaluation:

Part1 / Ceramics

Learning coil building technic, to use clay glue joints & engobe colouring, glazing. Learn to make long-lasting ceramic dish. How to transmit idea of design and make interesting, imaginative designs.

Part2 / 3D modelling & printing

Learning 3D modeling & printing. Make a printing file and learn how to use3D printer. How to make interesting, ceramic form completing 3D model that fits to all members’ ceramics of the group. Learning group working skills.

Timing aprox.:

Theory: 45min. 

Presentation of example ceramic artists: 15min.

Making ideas, sketching ceramics & 3D-models, scale drawings: 2x 45min.

Design: Working in clay 2-4 x 45min.

Engobe: 45min.

3D-modeling & files for printing: 4 x 45min. (first try)

Glazing: 15min.

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