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The sustainable part of the 3D project

On Vlieland we started last year to recycle plastic waste to printable filament for our 3D printers. We have build a test situation on a small scale. In the test situation there is:

  • 3D printer (Flashforge): Makes use of the fillament

  • Fillament maker: makes fillament from the plastic pieces

  • Plastic shredder: Make small plastic pieces from the plastic waste

Our goal is to show the island community that there is something to do with the plastic waste on the beach (and in the village). 

On this moment we are doing some test to find out what plastic we can use to make some filament and what also usable is to print. 

Some results

The plastic shredder can make small plastic pieces from all the kinds of plastic we tested. With the filament maker we have reached to make filament from plastic cups (we’re not sure what kind of material it was). When we put it in the printer it looks that they could make a print with the filament after a few minutes the material was broken down and we weren’t able to print something from it.

Our biggest goal is to make a raw material of waste plastics and make 3D printing functional.

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