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The Tangram game

Subjects: Technology / Mathematics (STEAM) / Linguistic areas

This learning unit has been created to be developed within the subject of Technology 1 ESO but is highly related to other subjects such as Mathematics, Arts, Spanish Language, Language Valencia and Languages.

In 1st ESO, the curriculum of Valencia provides, within block 1: “Solving technological problems and graphic representation” that students in the process of seeking solutions to a need represent sketches and sketches for use as elements of graphical information objects from the school environment.

With this unit, it goes a little further since the student learns to use a 3D design program that soon will serve in future courses not only for technology but for any area where you get a real end product.

The construction of the tangram is also linked to the mathematics of 1st ESO, specifically block geometry where work among other:

● elementary plane figures: triangle, square, polygonal figures.

● Classification of triangles and quadrangles. Properties and relationships.

● Measurement and calculation of angles in flat figures.

● Calculation of areas and perimeters of plane figures.

Also in this unit, 3D printer is introduced anecdotally because students print a keychain made from Tangram figures to cultivate the mentality "maker" in them.

Students at the 1st term made tangram pieces of plywood while learning what the project method is.

Once they have acquired this knowledge they are proposing to build a box to save the tangram while doing the design of parts and a simple box in SketchUp in order to get familiar in these environments 3D design.


- Acquire basic skills in using a 3D design tool that will serve as basis for designs in later courses.

- Improve student autonomy and digital competence and learning to learn.

- Better spatial vision of students and their knowledge in geometry of plane figures

Final Product

Students should build a Tangram, design and build its box, write the rules of the game and print the prizes for participants consisting of a small object (key ring or pendant) with a form obtained from the figures of the tangram.

Age Group

12-13 Years (1st course of Secondary School)

Group size

It Depends on the computer hardware available. Activity should be done individually or in pairs. It has been tested with groups of 15 students and works well.

Estimated time

3 classes of 55 minutes to perform:

- Design tangram pieces 3D

- design and 3D box introducing the pieces in interior

- design of two figures from the tangram pieces

- print the object.

1 lesson of 55 minutes to write the rules of the game design in the chosen language area.

Teaching resources

- 15 Pcs with 3D design software SketchUp and SLICER program (CURA) installed

- 3D Printer

- Various Guides:

- Quick Guide about the work to make

- Quick guide on how download the software at home

- Full Guide about the work to do with images of results every step.

- Quick how prepare the piece for printing


Including on the links of paragraph Teaching Resources. Or click here.


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